ErgoFlex Flexion orthesis


Modular orthoses design


ErgoFlex Flexion orthesis


Modular orthoses design

Supply area Th11 - S1



  • Heavy lumbosciatica
  • Lumbar instability
  • Facet syndrome
  • Postoperative care after disc surgery with major prolapse
  • Minor vertebral fractures
  • Grade II spondylolisthesis
  • Conservative therapy for tumor or spondylitis

Mode of operation

  • Curved & immobilized
  • Flexion of pelvis
  • Stabilizing and relief in frontal and sagital area
  • Functional mobilization


  • The modular orthoses system ERGO enables a patient-friendly support between the fifth thoracic vertebra and the first sacral vertebrae. With its patented locking system, abdominal pressure can be individually developed by the patient, with minimum effort.
  • The special open construction ensures an optimal fit, matching the anatomy. By the modular system consisting of corset, various pads, bridging borders and back brace, care adapted to the course of therapy is possible at all times. The ease of use and good fit increases patient compliance

Sizes, item number and waist circumference

1000 240211000 240221000 240231000 240241000 240251000 24026
60-75 cm75-90 cm90-100 cm100-115 cm115-130 cm130-140 cm

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