Active Air Walker



Active Air Walker



Active Air Walker


short / long


  • Pre- or post-operative / post-traumatic immobilization
  • Operationally supplied ligament, soft tissue and tendon injuries
  • Postoperative and conservative treatment of fractures of the fibula and complex tibial fractures
  • Conservative treatment of injuries of the forefooot and the metatarsus and the tarsus
  • Severe ankle sprains
  • Orthotic management of diabetic foot ulcerations
  • Conservative treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures
  • Postoperative percutaneous or open Achilles tendon suture

Mode of operation

  • Immobilization in the area of ​​the foot and ankle in general mobilization, postoperative and conservative
  • Optimal embedding of foot and lower leg through integrated air chambers


  • Stabilization of the lower leg and ankle by side rails
  • Comfortable fit of the easy to adjust air pressure
  • Lining Coolmax® wicks moisture away from the body. Cool and pleasant body climate.

Active Air Walker, short: sizes, item number and shoe size

1000 231601000 231611000 231621000 23163
35,5-3939,5-4343,5-46> 46

Active Air Walker, long: sizes, item number and shoe size

1000 230901000 230911000 230921000 23093
35,5-3939,5-4343,5-46> 46

Aid No.


Pipe replacement, in short sizes: item number and shoe size

1000 231701000 231711000 231721000 23173
35,5-3939,5-4343,5-46> 46

Pipe replacement, in long sizes: item number and shoe size

1000 231751000 231761000 231771000 23178
35,5-3939,5-4343,5-46> 46

Wedge set 5 pieces, size universal

1000 230651000 23066